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I went out and got 4 bags of these Zoom Super Flukes. I heard they were pretty good.

Then after hearing all the hype about red hooks, I purchased some of those as well. I have never tried them before so I hope they work out pretty good.

I also got a couple of drop shot weights too. LOL

Darn bait monkey. :cussin:



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I went out and spent TOO much today too! Got a few spro frogs, some yum buzz frogs, boggie tails, chunk trailers, bullet weights, husky jerks ....

ANYWAYS! if you like the zoom flukes try the YUM houdini shad. I love soft jerk baits and Ive fished them all.

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You bought some great baits Bobby! :thumbup01:

I believe in them so much that I keep a rod rigged just for them ready at all times. The color you bought, smoking shad, is the ticket around here.
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