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Zoom kits

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:) Good Evening all; I am looking for a lot of Zoom Kits unopened (new). I need to add to my collection and can't find the kits at great deal anymore. I was at Walmart yesterday and was going to buy one for 10.86 and the lady in front of me (walmart worker) changed the price 13.86. If anyone is interested in selling please reply I am looking for some great deals. Thank You and have a wonderful weekend.

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Im heading off to Walmart in a bit. I will see if they have any zoom kits. If they do, I will let you know how much they are at my local Walmart.

Ive never heard of zoom kits until now. ( think Ive seen lucky strike kits though )
Sorry, but they dont have them at the Walmart near me.
Thats ok Thanks anyway.........
zoom baits has lizard, utale, fluke and horny toad kits. they come in a plastic carrying case. the local walmart to me raised the prices on them from around 10.86 to about 13.00 dollars
Why the kit? There are a ton of quality stores selling Zoom. Zoom has a web site called It was down the last couple of times I checked it.
well yea thats true i have ton that i bought i like getting the kits also.
Ya might want to try calling or writing .....

Zoom Bait Company
1581 Jennings Mill Road
Bogart, GA 30622


I also saw a Zoom Lizard Kit for $40 plus shipping on eBay ....
thats crazy but people buy
zoom kits are on sale at our local wally world for $9 rite now flukes, lizards, etc.
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