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Most places that carry the Zoom Horny Toad have the hooks, right next to the toads, that you are supposed to use with the Toads. I believe that they are 5/0 hooks.

Everyone that I have ever heard discussing them have screwed the hook onto the bait, and rigged it so that the hook came up through the back, with no skin hooking needed. This keeps it weedless, and when a bass blows up on it, it allows for a better chance of hooking up. Of course, you have to be patient and wait to feel the fish on the lure before setting the hook.

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Hmmm, seems funny with no picture there now showing the rigging ???

Anyways, I got a question and instead of making a new thread, I will just ask here.

What color Horny Toad do you normaly throw in different water clarities ?

I feel that I have had my best success with a white one in ' stained ' water.

I cant realy say ive ever used one in clear or muddy water.
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