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YES!!! Finally Found More HSR Shad Raps!

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I don't know how many of you know this BUT... Rapala had a line of Shad Raps with holographic finishes on them and for some reason they discontinued them! I owned a few of them and I swear they seemed like THEE magic bait! Now I only have 1 working one left and it is torn up, missing most detail paint and just has the holo silver finish left.

Well today on the way home from work I stopped to pick up some shakey heads at a local tackle store (would you believe they never heard of shakey head jigs??) and lo and behold.. they had the holographic shad raps! These babies have been discontinued for more than a year now! I was so excited I bought every last one they had lol

My picture doesn't do them justice. If you ever see any and want to toss a very nice bait.. grab em up! On the other hand, if you see any and dont care to buy them, let me know where you saw them please! :D


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Are these anything like the glass shadraps? I really like them. :-X
I agree with the glass shad raps I love to throw them. But the holographic ones are different...Not much difference but some
The holographic actually have a different action than the glass raps. The HSR have more of an action like the original SR's. I like the Glass Raps too but they have never produced half as well for me as the HSR's. Perhaps its a mental thing, I dunno though.
I haven't seen them. Maybe you could send me one. :rofl1: :thumbup01:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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