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Worn out!

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I've been fishing Monday & Tuesday on Lake Ouachita, windy Monday, but that wind made my day. Total for two days was 17 bass (44 pounds), keeping 12 (2 day limit) toward my committment of providing 50 pounds for a big fish fry at church. Last year we gave up and did catfish, but most complained about the strong flavor. Those were flatheads off Ouachita! So this year it will be bass & crappie like old times. I'm half way done, a little behind any of the 12 retired guys fishing almost every day. I might not have to finish my part. The largest was 4.9# yesterday, caught on a Diamond Shad pulled just fast enough to get vibration up the line. I released that one, too strong tasting, a real rolly poly of a female. Interesting thing is happening. Our water temp was up to 60 a couple of weeks ago, then a big front came through cooling it all down into the low 50's. It's suddenly back up to 66-68. No spawning though! 62 is all they need. Females are fat with eggs, males crusing short coves off the main lake, constantly swimming in & out past my boat both days. They are huge! I saw probably a hundred total. I got out and waded the ends of coves, not one bed found. So I figure they are setting up for phase one ofthe spawn, with water level at normal. We were 7 feet low all winter. So where did I find biting bass? On main lake points and shallow ridges linking islands, especially where any wind swept them. They were in flooded brush and under overhanging trees, feeding on shad. AH, back to normal at last.

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Sounds like a nice way to be worn out, Jim.
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