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World Cup Soccer

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Glad to see ITALY take it in the finals. I knew they were unbeatable! :)
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Ok, this coming from a guy from CANANDA, where the major language is FRENCH? What is wrong with that picture. ;D

I have a funny feeling that the majority of the US was pulling for Italy to win, cause we really don't like the French. They get pissed at Armstrong for dominating their bike race 7 years straight, they get pissed when we ask for help in a war, after saving their arse in one not so long ago...................yup, definitely glad that Italy won.

Was the final? I hope that Italy blew the French right outta their shorts. ;D
Dont get us confused, first of all the rest of Canadians dislike the people from Quebec (french speakers) ... and the French-Canadians dislike the French. lol The majority anyway! ;D

Yep Italy blew them away and France pulled off some stupid stuff too. The one guy pretty much cost the French the game by headbutting another guy in the face for no reason. There goes his career. Stupid move to be doing in the finals of the World Cup!
On Andy's site they have soccer pools and I won the World Cup pool... I picked the most correct scored games ... ( And yup I guessed as I have no clue about soccer lol )
The french fellow that headbutted the italian fellow was retiring after this Cup anyway. He was one of the greats in Soccer. Had he still been in the game the outcome would probably been different. He is known as one of the greatest Penalty kickers ever. Although I am glad the Italy won.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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