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Work Instead

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I was all set to go fishing this morning,waiting for my coffee to cook and then I was out the door. My phone rings its my buddie since I was going by myself I break the biggest rule in the book and answer it thinking that maybe he would go along so i'd have someone to abuse with my skillz. No such luck. Seems his only employee has called in sick and he was in a jam and desperately needed my help. So there goes that fishing trip, man i'm starting to suffer withdrawls I thought i'd share this with you fellow Bassholes because my wife really isn't giving me the kind of attention that I need in this lowly time in my life. :-* yall have a great day ;D peace out, Drew
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I"ve had withdrawls for over a month now... I wish I had a boat. That would make things so much easier.
I've always had some kind of a boat since I was in the 1st grade. They all haven't been fancy matter of fact none of them were but the fish never new the difference. If you dig you'd be suprised what you'll find in the form of used boats CHEAP. You'll also learn how to be a ammature boat mechanic,carpenter and plumber. Things to look for trolling motor, livewells, and storage. You can get around alot of stuff but you have to have a decent trolling motor and a good areated livewell. We had this guy in our club who fished out of a little bitty boat called a sea nimph 25hp. motor he kicked our butts all year long. We would run all over the lake and he would just stay put and fish all day amazing the stratagey he put on us. The next year he bought a big ole boat and guess what! He still kicked our butts. Well i'm out I get to go fishing today with my 14 year old daughter gonna have a great time.
peace out
I had family down, so I missed out on alot of fishing.
We didn't catch alot but we had fun and i'm good for a while now with the withdrawls. The batteries were dead in the camera so no pictures this time. later, Drew
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