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Wont Be Around Much Tonight.

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I will be getting my tackle together before tomorrow. Ive been working on it all week but its a slow process. Tonight I have a few more items to get together then I need to rip a few of my reels apart, clean em, reel butter em and spool em up. I may get a chance to be on the site a bit later but Im not sure. I need to get up at 3am to meet up with my boater to head to Santee. Tomorrows forecast isnt looking so good. low 40s in AM.. low 60s for the high in the day and winds 25 to 30mph which on Santee is a nightmare but dangit! im catching me some fish! lol

talk to yall soon :D
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:violin: :violin: :violin: We northerns really hate to hear all those cold temps you have to put up with
I hear you Jared. I won't be around much tonight or tomorrow. I have tons of stuff to get together. Good luck to you and your partner. :fishing02:
Good luck on the tournament tomorrow.
Hope you catch a fat sack!! Wear plenty of clothes you can always take them off! I froze my butt off today same forcast never did make 60.
You only need one outfit, the one you are going to fish with all day...your new one! Bright skies and cold wind, glad it's you and not me. Stay warm and in the boat, break in that new outfit properly. Good fishing.
Good luck and try one of these :redratltrap: for me. :wink2:
Good luck Jared! :thumbup01:
Well, its 3:35 and I am all dressed, drinking a cup of coffee and about to run down my checklist to be sure Im not forgetting anything. Then it's out the door I go.
I spoke to my boater last night and we wont be crossing the lake because of the wicked wind. This could be bad because that leaves out some very good areas like Russelville and Angels but on the good side, it means I will still be alive tonight lol

Talk to yall when I get back home this evening :)
bigbear said:
:violin: :violin: :violin: We northerns really hate to hear all those cold temps you have to put up with
amen :violin: :violin: :violin: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2:
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