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i have full color coded wiring diagram files for stratos and Javelin in pdf file. P.m me with your e-mail addy if you need any! I got a bunch of files for the view system as well,

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Thats great Wayne, I had Stratos send me the one for the View, but since you cant get parts for it anymore, i removed it from the boat. I would love to have the one for the console wiring if you have that, I still have a few questions about how some of that stuff works, especially the diodes that keep the two pumps from running at the same time, mine are bad and I have no idea how to get new ones.

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I'm leaving a request/response to needing the wire diagram for a 1990 Stratos myself but I'm worried from the lack of response from the last 4 that it may not be getting to the right people but if so I would greatly appreciate it. My email is [email protected] and once again thank you if you do take the time to send it.

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i have full color coded wiring diagram files for stratos and Javelin in pdf file. P.m me with your e-mail addy if you need any! I got a bunch of files for the view system as well,
I know this post is a almost a year old. If still have the wiring diagram for the Javilin I could use it. Mine boat is 1992 Javilin 389t. Need to replace switches most don't work. Thanks fir helping. [email protected] or [email protected]

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For those that are having the same question as myself, I found this in my middle of the night web searches...found on another forum. Hope it helps. I also sent a communication out to Stratos for a wiring diagram on my 99 17 venom Javelin with a 77 Johnson 115hp, will post if I receive one.

"OMC Fishing Boat Group D.S.I and Ace Industries color codes

Following, is a color code chart for OMC fresh-water boat accessory electrical manufactured before and after 1992. If the boat you are servicing was built prior to '92, you may have to use the color code chart on the right:

From '92 to the present Models prior to '92
Function Wire color / Stripe color Wire color / Stripe color

Fused + from battery Red Red
Negative from battery Black Black
Accessory + Orange/Black Orange/Black
Horn (signaling dev.) Orange/White Orange/White
Horn sw. + Orange Orange/White
Bow light (Nav) Gray/Black Gray/Black
Stern light (Anc) Gray Gray
Nav/Anc sw. + Orange/Gray Orange/Gray
Instrument lights Blue Blue
Courtesy light Blue or Blue/White Blue/Black
Compartment light Lt. Blue Lt. Blue/White
Court/Compart lt. sw. + Blue/Orange Orange/Blue
Bilge #1 - switched Brown Brown
Bilge #2 - switched Brown/Green Brown/Red
Bilge float sw. + Orange/Green Orange/Red
Bilge helm sw. + Brown/Orange Orange/Brown
Port/Fwd aerator pump Tan Brown/White
Port/Fwd aerator sw. + Tan/Orange Brn/Red/Orn
Port/Fwd aer timer sender Tan/Red N/A
Stbd/Aft aerator pump Brown/White Brown/Black
Stbd/Aft aerator sw. + Orange/Brown Brn/Red/Blk
Stbd/Aft aer timer sender Tan/Purple N/A
Port/Fwd recirc pump Tan/Blue Brown/Blue
Stbd/Aft recirc pump Brown/Yellow Brown/Yellow
Timer + 12V Red/Purple Brown/Orange
Timer pulsed output Brown/Black Tan/Purple
Timer 2 min. select Green Green
Timer 6 min select Yellow Red
Select or timer sw. neg. Yellow/Green Tan
Trim pump down Green/White Green/White
Trim pump up Blue/White Blue/White
Trim sw. + Red/White Red/White
Single fuel tank sender Pink Pink
Port fuel tank sender Pink/White Pink/White
Stbd fuel tank sender Pink/Black Pink/Black

now please quit bothering me ok and Jerry please pin this or delete it as I am getting tired of people who are to lazy to call stratos and ask for the paper they give it out for free in an e-mail

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