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Win A Lucky Craft Sammie!

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For the entire month of March: The member who gets the most new members to join that post atleast 5 or more posts will win a Lucky Craft Sammie in the color of their choice.

The rules are pretty simple:

Each member you get to sign up must introduce themselves in the New Member Introduction board:
In their post they must specify the user name of the member who got them to sign up. If they fail to do this, their sign up will not count towards the contest. This introduction post does not count towards the 5 post minumum that the user must make for the contest.

Each new member that you get to sign up must then make a minimum of 5 posts before the morning of Sunday April 1st.

All accounts must come from a unique IP Addresses - This is to prevent a person from creating multiple user names in order to claim the prize without actually getting new members to join. I highly doubt anyone on this board would stoop to this level. However I figured I'd better post this rule so know one ever says "well ya didnt say we coudlnt" hehe

If you bring a new member on for this contest, even that new member may participate in this contest by recruiting new members of their own as well. :)

If you recruit 20 or more new members (as per the above rules), I will double the prize and send you a 2nd Sammie!

If anyone has any questions, please dont hesitate to ask.

Good Fishin and Good Luck, Jared

P.S. and to keep it interesting.. any member who recruits 5 or more new members (as per the above rules) whether you are the winner on April 1st or not, will recieve a pack of Zoom worms in the color and style (style meaning u tail, trick worm, fluke, horny toad etc...) of your choice.
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Pretty cool Jared. You a generous guy. :thumbup01:
Would this count as a post? Bigdaddytowe is a BIG guy and I don't want him to get mad at me......
Alright, I got 7 posts already. I'm in and so Mike's on his way.
to be honest, to the best of my knowledge I think Bigdaddy is in the lead on this contest anyway. Thats no official, I will have to look but I think he may be because I seem to remember a few maplebassmasters signing up this month :)
Crap! I forgot about this contest ending! lol

It appears BigDaddyTowe is the winner thanks to him inviting his buddies in MapleBassmasters to the site. :clap:

Congratulations Bigdaddy! :clap:
Congrats BigDaddy. :champion:
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: congrats bigdaddy :clap: :clap:
great job
Congrats and great job!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :victory: :victory:
woo hoo Thats cool :baitmonkey:.The funny thing is that all the guys are telling me they are going to join this week so hopefuly I can add a couiple of more bassholes to the group.
Awesome! Did yall want your own board on here for MapleBassmasters, to have a place to discuss club stuff? I knwo we talked about it before... PM me if and when yall are interested in knowing more. :thumbup01:
Good for you BigDaddy. You earned a nice prize. Fish that thang. It's a winner too. Jim
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