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Why are Lucky Craft lures worth the money?

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Ok this is for those die hard LC users out there. I am here waiting for you to "sell" me on why these lures are worth the high dollar price tag?

WARNING, I am a tough sale so be prepared with facts.... I am serious and not trying to be funny or rude. I just really want to know why these lures cost so much more then other lures? I have my own pre conceived notions but I am willing to listen and be open about this. But if your defense is simple because they catch fish well, then you don't have a defense. However, I will accept "I like them" as an answer. Sort of like artwork beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, If you like them then that is good enough for me. Other then that, the floor is yours....

Ready?......... Enlighten me.
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Keith, No offense...... :neener: :neener: :neener:
Because they look so cool..... really I have no clue as to why they are more money, it was just a few months ago, I finally broke down and ordered a Sammy and 2 Skeet Reese crankbaits, I caught a couple fish on the crankbaits,, but to be honest, when I ordered them, the first thing on my mind was not ,, these high dollar baits better catch me allot of fish, or i can order 4 or 5 Bandits for the same price, it was damn I am finally gonna have a few LC's, always wanted a few, because they look so damn cool. Does is cost more to make them, I do not know, are they better baits, again I do not know, do they have a killer finish - HECK YEAH!, did they run true right out of the box,, YEP...... Glad I have them in my collection, and I am sure a day will come when nothing else is catching fish and I will tie one on and if I am lucky enough catch a few fish and maybe a fish of a lifetime,, how cool would that be.....
To be honest the LC LVR D is a much nicer looking bait, the Spro looks like a shiner that got stepped on by the kids a few times....
:rofl1: :rofl1:
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