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Why are Lucky Craft lures worth the money?

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Ok this is for those die hard LC users out there. I am here waiting for you to "sell" me on why these lures are worth the high dollar price tag?

WARNING, I am a tough sale so be prepared with facts.... I am serious and not trying to be funny or rude. I just really want to know why these lures cost so much more then other lures? I have my own pre conceived notions but I am willing to listen and be open about this. But if your defense is simple because they catch fish well, then you don't have a defense. However, I will accept "I like them" as an answer. Sort of like artwork beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, If you like them then that is good enough for me. Other then that, the floor is yours....

Ready?......... Enlighten me.
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Keith, I fought it long and hard also. Its simple. They catch fish. Bite the bullet and buy one if you are not satisfied I'll buy it from you for your cost. Drew
I have a whole box of smithwicks and rapalas but they didn't get much play this year. I don't know why they just get bit. I'm a tight ass but I have 4 of them to go with the 50 other sticks I have.
I hear you and I can only really talk about the sp110 thats the bait i have and love I can't comment on any other LCs. There is an internal weight in this 110 like none I have ever seen. when you pause it it justs sets there right out of the box. Smithwick says that but you have to add suspend dots or strips to get them to do it. I think thats is why the fish eat it. Drew
1 - 3 of 34 Posts
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