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Which Rod?

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Well, my federal income tax return showed up in my bank account today and while most of it must go to paying blls, I decided I was going to treat myself to one nice rod. However, I have narrowed it down to two rods and am now unsure as to which to choose. Id really like some help and some opinions.

Here are the two I am torn between:

This one in the 6'6" MH (or 7' M perhaps)

or this one in the 6'10" MH

they are both top brands and both cost about the same.

which would you pick and why? should i just flip a coin? lol I desperately need a new spinning rod this year. My 15+ year old All Stars have seen better days.
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Kistler compared to Loomis is a tossup for me. I couldn't decide, both about equal in quality, feel, weight. THE thing that caught my eye was that choice between Medium or MH in a rod. BIG difference. Go with Medium action (mod fast in Kistler) if casting light lures. You need the rod to flex and store energy on the back cast to get distance. In Loomis go for a MH for lures above 1/2 oz, long (7') or if shorter go for a M. What you need it to do would help to know.

Crucial rods are GOOD. I plan to pick up a couple this year after trying one out a day.

I had two rods locally built and both failed. The guy was said to be second to none. After a few months of my complaining he admitted guide placement is probably where he's weak, never trained to space them right, cutting back on numbers of guides to keep the weight low where he ought to have tried using titanium guides. He bought the rods back and stopped building them. I think now computers are used to figure out ideal spacing, diameters, etc.

1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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