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Which Rod?

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Well, my federal income tax return showed up in my bank account today and while most of it must go to paying blls, I decided I was going to treat myself to one nice rod. However, I have narrowed it down to two rods and am now unsure as to which to choose. Id really like some help and some opinions.

Here are the two I am torn between:

This one in the 6'6" MH (or 7' M perhaps)

or this one in the 6'10" MH

they are both top brands and both cost about the same.

which would you pick and why? should i just flip a coin? lol I desperately need a new spinning rod this year. My 15+ year old All Stars have seen better days.
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jwbarker said:
Beyong just the brand name of the manufacturer - what are you looking to do with this rod?
I'm not sure if I am going to replace my worm spinning rod (current a 6' 6" M - Fast Action - All Star) which is what I use for mostly texas rigs 3/16oz and lighter. It has a Daiwa SS1600 on it. Or I may replace my soft jerkbait rod, which is a 7' M fibreglass Browning rod.

Im not sure yet but I know I need to make that decision. Its a tough one to make lol If I had it my way and could afford to do.. Id do em both but... well... i cant lol
oldschool said:
Don is selling out all his Phinex rods for $60 becuase he switch to Lamiglas this year. These are very good rods worth anywhere from $150 to $200, call him: 818/848.6180, drop my name and he may double the price.
so are you saying not to mention your name unless I wanna pay more?? lol
ok awesome thank you Tom :)
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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