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Which is tougher: shoreline fishing or boat fishing?

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Which is tougher?

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Just wondering which you think is harder?  For myself, I have seen the difference in fishing from the shore and fishing from the boat, and I do believe that fishing in boat is easier. 

There are a few things that you must consider when fishing from a boat, such as wind and velocity, and boat traffic.  Those things can effect shore anglers, but not as greatly as those in a boat.

I feel that those that fish from shore are at a disadvantage, cause chances are the places that are fished have been fished before, and the fish that are in those areas have "learned" that something coming toward the bank is something that they should leave alone.
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Some comparisons:

Shore fishing crowd pressure is often unavoidable, while in a boat you can pick your spot.
Many lures can be fished from a boat, like blade baits, that don't make sense from shore.
Snagged lures can be recovered better from a boat.
A boater can go to the fish, while from shore you wait for fish to come to you.
A boater can find casting angles not possible from shore, using wind to advantage, and can cast out from shore.
From a boat you can fish all types of structures or fish outside matted vegetation clogging shore.
A boater can sample a lake in hours that would take days by vehicle or walking in.
Landing a fish is easier from a boat, while the shore angler sometimes must wade to land one effectively.

Some advantages of shore fishing are: cheaper fishing (!), opportunity for larger group outings, not rocking in bed while trying to get to sleep, can have a bon fire and roast weiners while watching bobbers, can sometimes catch more fish than boaters, less likely to get run over by a cigar boat or run over a jon boat. ;D

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