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Where Oh where are the Oregon People

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No Oregon members????????????  :dunno:
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What is the big deal about Oregon?  I am in Washington......we have better fishing ! ( does that count? )


No Big Deal Just wondering!!!!!!! :victory: I guess it would count yer not that far.
You looking for me? Fall Salmon season is just kicking into gear around here on the smaller rivers. I've been out once chasing Coho and ended up with a couple Chinook which had to be released. No pics, but one was fairly small (12-15lbs) and nice and bright. The other was bigger 20-25lbs and really dark and beat up. The little guy put up the better fight and enjoyed the release by getting me pretty wet. We'll be fishing every week and I'll start posting more often with a few pics. My Bass fishing this year wasn't good with a few dinks here and there, but I didn't go much either. For some reason, I just haven't taken the time during the summer months. Probably resting up for the next 6 months of non-stop Salmon and Steelhead fishing. Winter Steelhead should start showing up in another month or so and we'll switch over to them almost exclusively around Dec 1. Enjoy the winter, we will.
Howdy there Mr. Larson. How are things with you these days. I'll have you kow that I now have my shrine finally up with all my goodies I brought back from my trip visiting you. I even hung up two of them posters you sent me. All I have left is to get a print of me holding my fish and that part of my living room is all done. I love my new house and getting things unpacked slowly but surely.

How you feeling these days? Better I hope. How's my buddy Dexter doing? How's that crazy Oregan weather been? Good luck with the up-coming fishing season.....would love to see that beautiful teal colored water again some day maybe.
Hey Cheri,
Things are going pretty well these days. Dex is a changed man. I think he's been around those two women too long and beginning to a bit whacko likr they are. He's putting on a bit of weight and palling around with Spook on a daily basis. His life is certainly better than when you were here with three hots and a cot every day. Healthwise I'm good. I was able to hike around hunt camp at 5000' with 10" of snow without too many issues. Got tired, but otherwise good. Got into and out of one deep canyon that put the garbage hole into the mild incline category. Shrines are good and I'm glad you are getting settled in your new home and keeping up the good fight. The fishing season looks to be a little different again this year. We're only aloud to keep 1 Chinook a day and 5 for the year no matter where we fish. One change in the reg though will make it a little more palatable. We can keep fishing for Steelhead after our Chinook go in the box. So you don't have to quit as soon as you tag a fish like last year. Made for pretty boring trips if you got into them early and had to sit the rest of the day. In another 5 weeks or so, I'll be a first time G-Pa with my daughter Nicole expecting. Kind of exciting as we'll be adding another outdoorsman to the mix.
Weather has been ok with a little rain bringing in an early shot of fish to work on. Rivers still are not high enough for the boat, but the ground is soaking it up, so it won't be long. I'll just do a little bank fishing or jump down ti tidewater for some action. Talk to you soon you lady.

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