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Where is Mary Dean?

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I was just wondering where Mary Dean has been. I like her posts, but I like that picture even better. ;) Seriously, I noticed I hadn't seen her posting in a while.
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That wink wasn't supposed to be the icon on the topic. It was supposed to be a ?
She probably got tired of talking to us boys. She'll be back, I bet she hasn't gone far.
Maybe computer problems ? Maybe busy Christmas shopping ?? Hopefully she will be back and ready for action.
I miss Mary also! :) Mary where are you. ??? We have a new member from dardenelle.
Maybe she is fishing!!
Last time I heard from her she had been working a ton, probably getting ready for the holidays.
Hi all. I'm sorry I have neglected the site. Been busy working and I met a guy that has taken some of my time away from the computer. I'm trying to get a But, he's not the one. Oh well, it will happen when it's supposed to.
welcome back mary
every one missed ya
Hi bigbear. Where are you from? I haven't seen any post from you before. Glad to see you active.
Good to have you back. Just remember, you always have us to turn to. We'll be here for you Mary unconditionally!!!! : :angelwings:
Take care Mary, io know your a big girl n all, ;D
Thanks guys! You're sweet.
Good to see you back, Mary. ;D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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