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Where are ya'll from?

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I'm new to the board from way down south here in Little Rock, Arkansas. I was just wondering where everyone else is from.

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Welcome to the forum!

I'm from the great white north - Port Dover, Ontario, Canada.. on the north shore of Lake Erie. :)
How'sfishing up thare?
Im in Central Florida
Howdy Kev glad you joined us :)

Im in South Carolina. Hows the fishing been in Ar.?
We've had a great year fishing here. I have been able to make the rounds, Ouacita, Hamilton, River(all over), Monticello, Millwood etc...
The heat is just about to turn me nocturnal though. We are starting to reach mid to upper 90's.
My buddy and I went to Tar Camp(Arkansas River) and got on some spots this past weekend and had an absolute blast. We both had the opportunity to miss a couple of nice fish(rookie mistakes)lol.
I am realy excited about this board, I had tried another one and it seemed that the people on it just looked for a reason to tear into someone. Glad to see that is not the case here.
Keep up the good work!!!

I live in Augusta, GA (near Clarks Hill) now but spent the lat 30 years around Houston, TX. I have fished a good bit in Arkansas: Arkansas R out of Pine Bluff, Grand Lake of the Cherokees, Lake Ouachita. Some great fisheries there!

You will love talking with Ouachita on our boards then Kev. HIs name is Jim and he is a ranger on Ouachita and has been for quite a many years. Jim is LOADED with good info and facts! I love picking his brain! :clap:
I live in northwest Ohio, north of Wauseon, which is about 40 min. west of Toledo,Ohio
I'm from the Bass Capital ... Central Florida!  I own and operate the Southern Outdoorsman Guide Service, fishing the Kissimmee Chain and surrounding waters.  I've been involved in bass fishing all of my life in one way or another.  I started out fishing in East Tennessee and fished a lot of local tournaments; I used to own a tackle shop in Tennessee; I had a TV fishing show called the Southern Outdoorsman that aired out of Knoxville, TN; I used to be the Assistant Director of Tournaments and Promotions for Abu Garcia; and now I am semi-retired and guilding in Central Florida.

I have as much or more fun watch and teaching others how to fish than I do catching the fish myself!  I guess I just want to pass something on to the generations to follow.  No matter how complicated life becomes, fishing always seems to bring things back into perspective, naturally.

I like the site and feel it has a great future ahead, but wish there was some way to exchange links.  Let me know if it becomes a reality.

Thanks - Capt Dick
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I am from Patten, Maine ---welcome to the site all you newcomers.
How'sfishing up thare?
Fishing up here is awesome. Wouldnt leave for all the money in the world, and that's the truth. :)
LakeCityYankee said:
You will love talking with Ouachita on our boards then Kev. HIs name is Jim and he is a ranger on Ouachita and has been for quite a many years. Jim is LOADED with good info and facts! I love picking his brain!  :clap:
Your right as rain. I have spent maney day's on Ouachita. I used to have a houseboat at Crystal Springs and I spent maney a day/night fishing there.
If you guy's are looking for a vacation spot, don't miss Ouachita!!!
I can't wait to hook up with Ouachita on the board. I promise we will have a lot to talk about.

nwgabassmaster said:
Hey Coach, did you ever get any information about how to attack Clark's Hill?  I am hoping that GON might have given you a few pointers.  :)
Worthless fishing reports. I just keep trying to meet people in the area and fish with them. Best I can problem is I want to learn it fast but I still need to get this house set up and it is cutting into my fishing time!!!

I'm from the great state of Texas.
HellaBass said:
Land of 10,000 Lakes - Lakeville, MN

So many lakes, so little time!!!!

Must be nice having so many different bodies of waters to pick from :) Ive got a TON of water by me but its just several MONSTOROUS lakes... not quite as much fun as 10,000 smaller ones I bet ;)
gonfishin1 said:
I live in Missouri on Table Rock Lake
Very nice! You live on the lake as in the lake is in your front or back yard??
Central New York... right on OOOOOOneida.. smallmouth HEAVEN!
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