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Whats The Craziest Color You Ever Used?

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We all know that the lure world is full of more colors than all the rainbows in Ireland combined. Most of us stick with a few basic/favorite colors but I'm sure we have all used some interesting or even insane colors in our plight to discover that one magic bait that the bass will line up for.

What is the craziest color you have ever used?

I think the craziest I have ever used was a color called Sweet Potato. It was a mixture of black, red, orange, and yellow (if memory serves me right) I saw it on the racks in Walmart and it was so ugly I just had to try it LOL
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Sweet Potatoe Pie is what it is called and I knew someone who last year caught over 25 bass in a lake using those Wave worms.

For me it would have to be Bubble Gum. It just amazes me that fish will eat this. What the heck is it suppossed to represent? I catch fish on this color here in Florida in gin clear lakes. Amazing.
yeah thats it! Sweet Potato Pie. lol

I know what ya mean about bubblegum. We use that with some pretty good success here in SC too on Santee and Cooper river. Matter of fact the first slug-go I ever used back in the late 80s/early 90s was a bubblegum colored one and it too was used in gin clear connecticut lakes and the fish tore em up. When I first saw the bubblegum color I laughed and thought "what in the world is gonna eat this thing???" until i saw a 4lb northern largemouth slam it!
Witches tit plastic worm and a jig called Fritz. The Fritz jig has a chatreuse main body, dark brown back and red under belly and is the best smallmouth color I have ever put together. Dave Fritz uses a crank bait with this color combination and named the jig after him. I almost forgot the volmet color worm, pea green with purple blood line, ugly and works great post spawn.
I like the bubble gum Lizzard texas riged with no weight. I had a guy tell me if I caught a limit on that thing he would quit fishing. I didn't hold him to it, but I gave him a sack of them.
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