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St Croix fiberglass crankbait rod :-*-7'
Team All Star flippin' stick :cussin: Last Shakespeare product EVER in my boat(unless they sponsor me) :D
Shimano Compre C-rig rod :-\ Also makes a good light pitchin rod-7'
dont remember brand ???-6'6"-Good fluke/spinnerbait rod
G Loomis IMX light weight worm rod :dance01: :bowdown: :goldcup: SWEET for hula grubs and shaky rigs
BPS Jonny Morris c-rig rod ;) never had a problem with BPS products. This one is for shaky rigs, dop shots, etc.
Falcon Lowrider crankin' rod 8) AWESOME!!! 6-6
G Loomis GL2 skippin rod :) 6' good rod!
That's it, but the flippin stick is due for an update. I'm debating between Falcon Cara and a GL2 or GL3.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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