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What is used to peg a slip sinker??

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How do yall peg your slip-sinker weights? I heard that toothpicks are used but may cause abrasion in the line. How else would you do this?
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rubber bands are very economical. I have an illustration I made back at home showing how I peg with a rubber and. I will get it and post it when i get home from work in a few hours.

But now a days they sell many things to peg weights such as:
Here's the illustration I made of the method I use most often to peg my weights. Ive been using this method for almost 2 decades and it works wonderful. In my weight box I keep several rubber bands. The piece of line I use to pull the band  through the weight I get right off the line I am putting the weight on. When I clip the tag end after tieing on my hook I keep that line to use to pull the band through the worm weight. After doing it a while you can peg a weight in an instance. The rubber band NEVER damages your line, acts as a cushion between your weight and your hook so the weight doesnt beat up on your knot and the rubber band allows you to slide your weight up and down your line if you dont want it tight up against your hook but would rather have it set up like a split shot or stitchin' rig.

To rig it you take the piece of mono and slide it throuugh your weight as shown in the diagram and then you slide the piece of rubber band through the loop of line. Grab the lose ends of the line and pull, pulling the loop and the rubber through the weight until you see the rubber begin to pop out the bottom of the weight. Once you get it there, pull one side of the line to remove the line from the rubber and the weight and then trim your rubber up tight to the point of the weight. Be careful not to catch your line when trimming.


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I forgot all about bobber stoppers. When I was at the Bassmaster University of 2004 in Charlotte, NC, that was one of the ideas that Iachonelli shared with us.
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Jared, this is a G rated site, don't ya know!  LOL

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