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danielt said:
Gamakatsu........Ove been looking for a 3/0 hook on a jig head with the weed gaurd. The unpainted kind that you have to attatch the gaurd yourself but I can only get the 2/0. Mustad is good too.
gammy 99.9% of the time is my choice

Danielt, I have not been able to find the Gammy's you describe for sometime. I did run across an ebay store "D-M Custom Baits" who I tried out and found his jigs to be good quality.

Not sure of the application or weights you are looking for but D&M will work with you to hand pour and color if you like almost anything you are looking for with a Gammy hook. I copied an advertisement from his sight to give you some info on some of his products and claims.

I thought I would offer this option up for you to see if this something you would like to persue
Like I said I have found his stuff to be good quality, but I am not endorsing him past that. The only gain for me is the hope I have helped a fellow basshole.

Our line of jigs are used by some of the best pros on the circuit today. We can do custom orders; we have jigs for all budgets, just tell us what you are looking for and we will try our best to accommodate you. Our products are handmade by D&M Custom Baits.We hand paint every lure.Quality control is held to the highest standard possible. All the products are made in America by fishermen for fishermen. Our Goal is to provide quality tackle that you can depend on while at the same time making it affordable. We don't have a fancy paint booth or an artist designing custom paint jobs but what we do have is a heavy coat of Powder paint baked on for durability, a little bit of glitter and our confidence that you will be more than satisfied with your product.

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