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What Do Yall Think of This Product?

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This is different.

What are your thoughts?
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Jared so if my hands don't cramp will I have less bird(eagle) nest? ::)
If i'm looking correctly, and its what I think it is, i'd never use it.

Alot of times I have the line running between my thumb and ' pointer' finger trying to detect any signs of a strike with soft plastics.

Maybe if you got a ' hitch-hiker' thumb and need to relax it, it may be a good device lol rofl
I guess I do not place my index finger on the line when I am fishing anyway so this would not help me.
I think that someone had to much time on the hands or should I say fingers. Great idea but not really needed I think.
seems to be for the lazy angler if ya ask me lol

just something I found on my morning surf.

Looks kinda cheaply made as well.
My problem is on the pinkie finger I get a wicked blister from setting the hook, when I cradle the reel like that. You can feel alot better with that style of cradle.
I think it's a waste of money. I almost always hold the reel that way, but the day I need a la-z-boy for my freakin finger, I'll be too durn lazy to roll out of the bed to go fishing.
I see little use, I had to get up and palm a reel to make sure but my finger sits in that spot w/o a chaselounge for it to lie on. It looks like this rest is made from a pretty light material, but wonder if it changes the weight or balance enough to notice after a long day fishing?
Don't like it. I'd have no use for it. How often does your finger get tired of holding its own wait lol
very good point. Now that I think of it I have never complained about my fingers feeling to heavy.
low profile reel gets line down to finger hold with out getting craps on finger.
dont see a need for it.
yea don't think i would use it...I'm a sucker for gimmicks but not interested in this one
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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