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What bait should I use??

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What bait should I use if I was to fish for Sand Bass or Striper?

I was thinking Rooster Tails.

Are these fish any good to eat.....I know there is no slot limit for these two species.
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I'm sorry, I made a mistake. There is a bag limit on White Bass, aka Sand Bass. They have to be 12 inches or greater and no more than 25 can be kept per trip to the lake. I think that goes for the same on our crappie and catfish.
Sand bass are much smaller than stripers, but feed about as aggressively. Remove the belly hook from a Rattl Trap and fish it around schools, popping up off bottom frequently, letting it flutter down. Minnows, Rooster Tail spinners, other small lures work fine.

Stripers tend to go for bigger lures like C-10 Redfin, 1-2 oz hair jigs, and 6" live shad.

The only way I can bring stripers home and in the house is grilled outside over coals. I soak fillets an hour in whole milk before cooking. Be sure to cut away all but pure white flesh in any true bass.

We have a few lakes with white bass and use 2- 21/2" curl tail hologram silver or chartruse grubs on 1/8oz jigs. The single hook jig makes it easy to unhook the bass and also works well on any bass or crappie schooled with the whites. Eat all you allowed to catch because white bass are prolific fish and good eating.
White or chartruese bucktail jigs for those stripers and make you up some fish cakes, I have an excellent striper recipe, it is a two page recipe guaranteed to get you drunk by the time your done cooking since you have use beer in the brine mixture anyways.
I like the rattle traps when they are feeding aggressively and jigs when its slower however getting the hooks out of their tough mouths isn't much fun with the rattle trap.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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