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what are you spending your tax money on?

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Well the wife and I got our taxes back friday and went and bought a new love seat and sofa, we also got a new kitchen table and four chairs and a new leather roll around computer chair. I did get to spend some on new supplies for the spinnerbaits that I make and for my airbrush. So what are yall going to do with yours.
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I got two new reels and a new tattoo! Pictures to follow soon.
I can't wait to see the pics of your tat! Have you gotten it yet?
I have a lost w-2, so I don't know when I will file but it won't be much... I think I'll buy a tank of gas. :dunno:
Dang mary that sucks
Well, I might not even get that. I only started working in September and I hadn't worked in ten years! lol. I was a princess up til now :rofl2:
hotels, gas, and entry fees. It doesn't last long but every little bit helps!
Good luck in 2007 Chad!
why ty Mary! :cheers:
A down payment on a truck and a college ring for my wife.
I already got the tat. I suck at trying to get my pics on here. Andy was nice enough to send me a tutorial but I haven't had a chance to study it yet.
Send them to me! Dang! I can get them on by Tuesday I think...
This is the first year I'm not getting any money back...but I also dont have to pay any so I'm happy with that. On the other hand I'm on the fence about buying a skeeter this Tuesday! I hope Ill have pics soon.
Good luck with your boat Daniel!
I'm paying for the transmission I had put in my truck two weeks ago. :(
I'm paying bills and for the website. Was gonna try to get a new rod but the tax money may run out before I can get to that.
Mine is being spent on the new baby that will be here in May.
Congratulations Joe!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
Tax money!!!! :rofl1: :rofl2: :cussin: I owe the Feds $1200 and the State of Arkansas owes me $300 so I am a negitive $900 freekin' dollars!! :cry01: :cry01: SOOOOO, I am spending my tax money on numerous Federal projects which I would like to believe consists of improvements to my favorite fishing holes!! I can dream, can't I?? :sleepy01:
I work until mid June to donate all my earnings to health and welfare of illegal immigrants and hopefully a few $$ left over to support our troops.
That seems a little backwards. Not criticizing, just find it odd.
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