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What A Day!!!

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Man what a day I had!! It was full of ups and downs but the ups far outweigh the downs! :)

The downs, is that my trolling motor tore up and I will have to have the dealership fix it. No way it should have tore up like it did. I wont go into all that now though.

My day got a late start, though I didnt mind. I took my friend Lisa and her boyfriend BJ. I wasnt sure how 3 on my boat would be but we fished fine. We didnt get to the water until 12:30 to start. Then once we got there I ran around a bunch looking at the river. It was a bit tricky as it was high tide and the banks were flooded over as usual. At one point I had to get off the throttle and trim the motor up quickly because I went out of the river bank and ended up in only a couple feet of water. Scared teh CRAP out of me but I didnt damage anything so all was good and all I needed to do was idle back into the channel. Anyway, once I got going again I checked out another area and decided to stay and fish in the new area longer because BJ and Lisa were tired of running around and wanted to fish.

I put the trolling motor down and thats when I noticed that it wasnt steering properly. The clamp that holds the cables inside the head broke free. Luckily there was a pontoon with some divers there and they had a screw driver I could borrow to t ake the top off the head of the trolling motor. I tried to rig it to work temporarily but it only lasted a few minutes. So then the divers had some pull ties and an idea so between me, BJ and the divers we were able to rig the motor so it would work and steer right. By the time we had that fixed it was after 3. We were dieing to fish so I got on the trolling motor and we went to town.

The new area I was in ended up being a hot one! I had us on fish and big time! Im not sure how many we all caught but Lisa caught a nice 3 lber and some smaller ones as did BJ. I ended up catchin enough to cull if I were in a tournament. I had 2 that were about 4 and one that was about 6 and the last two in my 5 were about 2 a piece. So I figure I had about 18lbs of fish! It was awesome! And to add to the excellence... they were all caught on my loomis! Man that thing sure is sweet!
Only bad thing is, I know I was prefishing and shouldnt have hooked any fish but I didnt care.. I was having too much fun! IF I can get on the same quality fish on the day of my club tournament, I believe my buddies are in for a serious arse wooping the Yankee way ;) Another plus is I smacked that WPT button every time I hooked a fish so I can get right back to those exact areas. I dont believe anyone else will be fishing where I am gonna be but who knows. I guess we will see.

I do know one thing, Lisa and BJ were getting upset at me cuz I kept releasing legal sized fish and all the big fish! lol I told them the bigger the bass, the faster I release it. I explained why but they still ddnt understand why I was releasing good eatin fish. They kept there 3 legal ones but at the end of the day they eventually released them so that was good and it let me see how well my livewell worked.

Now i know I havent really said what I caught my fish on and where i caught them, but (and sorry guys) there are some guys who are in my club that read these boards and well, after the tournament I will talk about what I caught em on and where ;)

Anyway, I'm wiped out and just walked in the door 15 minutes ago. Im going to hit the shower then go to sleep. Man Im gonna sleep so good! Its so awesome having my own boat and finally being able to fish my fish my way at my pace :clap:
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Nice job Jared! Next time leave the boy freind at home three is a crowd.
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