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West Lake Toho 1/13/07

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We had our club tourn. Saturday, kind of disappointing for me. I caught a few shorts throughout the day on black grape zoom ribbon tail worms and junebug senko cut-tails. I had two nice fish follow my spinnerbait first thing in the morning, but they wouldn't take it. Missed three good bites on the cut-tails in the morning also. My partner caught three small keepers on swimming senko's, broke two fish off - (bad spots on his line I guess), and he missed a couple too. We started at the open water hydrilla, then went back into the pad fields with some mats mixed in, and hit a few other spots. Coming off that front they just weren't taking the bait in all the way and I think it was a better afternoon bite. The winning sack was 12 1/2 pounds including big fish @ 7.14 pounds caught on a fluke. We had 33 people and only four us zeroed but there weren't many fish brought in. I don't think I did anything wrong it just was one of those days I guess. Saving em for this Saturday, that's my excuse!!

We quit at 1:30 so our junior members could have a tournament the same day while we had enough boats. One of the guys who was on some nice big fish last week said he had just started seeing them move up towards the shallows / beds before he came in. The kids apparently did pretty well from what I heard, we had 22 kids and they brought in some nice bags including a 5.9 pounder caught where my partner and I were fishing. I didn't stick around since I had to pick up my son that afternoon.
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Did anyone throw a rattle trap bait? I am wondering because on Ansin Garcia that bait is slaying them now. Gold seemingly the best color option at this time.

Thanks for the report.
Yes, I threw a couple different rattl-traps and shallow crankbaits, did some flippin, and we tried some top water through-out the day in different areas as well. Thanks for the suggestion on color anyway, I will keep that in mind for Saturday.
It was a tough weekend, the wind blew like a small hurricane. I fished the BASS Weekend Series out of Camp Mack as a non-boater on Sunday.

I finished 8th out of 41, respectable finish, but it is not that I set the water on fire, the other anglers just did not get the bites. I threw all the baits you mentioned in the previous posts. For me it seemed the only thing that worked was a watermelon zoom speed worm crawled over the tops of the hydrilla and pockets. We fished in 6 to 8 foot depths with the hydrilla topping out in the 7ft range. I believe my co-angler caught one on a Fluke and another on a Senko. We both limited out and culled. Just no real size. My big fish was 3lbs (OK just shy of 3lbs).

Shannon, where are you fishing this weekend? I will probably fish the ABA events on Saturday out of Cypress and Sunday out of Toho. Anybody out there got any honeyholes they want to share?

All in all a very tough day on the water, but still a hoot. Especially when I remember our buddies up north having to dig holes in the ice and watching the ESPN weekend reruns for a fix and trying to figure out how to be the next Rod and Wheels guys ;D (sorry could not resist - bases on another post I read earlier >:D)
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I will be at West Lake Saturday for the BFL and pre-fishing Friday.
What were the water levels like at camp mack and I'm guessing you fished Kissimmee? Have you been in Cypress yet? I was trying to figure out why we aren't allowed to lock out of Toho this Saturday, I heard rumor it had to do with water levels?? That is a bunch of boats going to be confined to Toho for us, probably a 130 - 200 boat field, not counting other tournaments the same day.
By the way, for you on Saturday at Cypress, last year this time we found fish up shallow North of the ramp on that East shore line around the arrowheads / buggy whips and the South end had a field of submerged hydrilla out in front of the weedline where the fish moved in out between the different types of cover.
Good job on getting a limit and placing well!
Best of luck this weekend!
Sorry for the bad luck Shannon, but we all have days like that, thats for sure.

Congrats TCB.

I have been pre-fishing Jonh's Lake ( between Oakland and Clermont on hwy 50 ) Seems a Carolina Rig is producing pretty good in about 6 feet of water. ( watermellon with red flake trick worm on a 30 in leader ) I fished for a few hours yesterday and caught 2. Biggest being 4.3 pounds.

Now to find them Saturday, without someone beating me to my spot as I am the last boat out, of 14 boats.
Good luck Rodney!
Yep, Luck to both Fish4 and Shannon this weekend. Looks like the weather will hold for us this weekend. Low in the 50's (doggone that is cold imonembad :p) with highs in the mid 70's.

Shannon, Kissimmee look to be down at least 4 to 6 feet. You could feel the boat scraping bottom leaving Mack's. When I pre-fished the week before, I was on plane in the pig-trail and the Garmin shallow water alarm went off, and I found myself in about a foot and half of water. No way to come off plane and made it in and out w/o incident.

I talked with a guy last week that fished Cypress and he said the water was very low. But I could have swore he said he ran from city park down to Kissimmee.

Thanks for the Cypress info, I have never seen this lake, so it should be interesting.

tight lines everyone
Thanks for the water level report. Now I heard last evening the information about no-locking is incorrect, so today I'm calling FLW for the full scoop. Not that it matters so much to me as a co-angler, but this will stir the fire for some guys who have spent the last few trips pre-fishing West Lake only and I'm sure that some would have rather gone to Kissimmee.
Water is low everywhere it seems down here.( I been doing my Indian rain dance, but it aint working lol )

We need the rain off of about 2 hurricanes to help us out. Just the rain, no wind or devistation.

Shannon, we was gonna fish our tourney at Toho until we found out the BFL would be there. So we desided on our back-uo lake ( John's Lake ) instead. So, we had to get new permits for John's Lake.
Here is today's fishing report from a polk county fishign site that I saw on another forum that might interest you:

8At Lake Toho, biggest bass 10.16-pounder Saturday on shiner in north end, reports Mark Detweiler at Big Toho Marina. Big tournament Saturday out of Lakefront Park. Speck boats picking up 15 10-12 inches in mornings on minnows around Marker 26.

9At Lake Kissimmee, Tuesday great day for bass, with several fish 8-11 pounds on jerkbaits and Senkos in shallow water, but anglers being secretive about details with BFL tournament Saturday. Charlie Rost released 11-pounder Tuesday, Doug Hutchens a 10 1/4-pounder and Al Enz an 8 1/2-pounder, all out of Camp Lester, reports Leo Cosce. And Frank Goode of Ohio caught 9 1/2-pounder Friday. Wednesday wasn't as good with weather change, but Rob Murchie of Middleton's fish camp reports bass up to 5 pounds on worms, frogs and Senkos around thick grass on east shore. Speck anglers bringing in limits or close to it fishing in grass, with perch 10-14 inches on minnows or jigs ( 1/32-ounce chartreuse/white Super Jigs or Laker). Best areas Grassy Island, 7 Palms, Eagle's Nest and Philadelphia Point.
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