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I just wanted to post a review on the Western Hula Stik that is made by WCCT. (West Coast Custom Tackle)

This is the bait that I was catching most of my bass on last Sunday. I think I ended up catching 10 bass but 14 bass total for the day.

This is an excellent bait. The Fat Ika and this bait are very similar and I have fished them both. Don't get me wrong, both are great baits but I have to admit that I have caught bigger bass on the WCCT Hula Stik.

It has, in my opinion, better action. You just have to try one yourself to see what I'm talking about. I will be posting more video footage and pictures that are caught with this bait.

Now, as far as how I fished it......well I fished it weightless with a wide gap red hook (Lazer Sharp). I also tried it with a 1/16 oz bullet weight and had success with that as well (Texas rig). The color I got was #12 watermelon with red flakes.

I have not tried it on a drop shot, shakey head, or c-rig. I bet it would do great on the shakey head technique.

That is all I have for now.

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Fish4FunInFl said:
Did ya rig it ' tenticals ' down or up ? or try it both ways ? I know on the GYCB Kreature, id rig it ' upside down ' the most.

Did ya dead stick it mainly ?
I have not had any luck rigging it backwards. On either baits.

I didn't dead stick it at all. I just twitched it like a jerkbait and then let it sink about 2 to 6 inches below the surface of the water.......and then the fight was on.
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