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Went fishing today. 3-21-07

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Went to Martin Lake today which is a power plant lake and was just messing around with some lures that I got today from Dan. These are some great baits. I just wanted to see how they looked in the water and didn't have a my boat today so I was fishing from the bank. Didn't do too good but wasn't really trying.


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Here are the baits that I bought from Dan.

1.) Polar Bear Hair Jig
2.) Deer Hair Jig
3.) Spinnerbait (Yellow/White)

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Those first three pictures are beautiful Bobby! They gotta go in the gallery when I get back to workin on it again (which I need to do soon... been working on too many other parts of the site and forgot about the gallery lately hehe)

Dan aka Microtek has some awesome baits! I just recieved a package of samples of his baits and I am pretty impressed. he does good work for sure! :thumbup01:
They are very durable and extreamly strong. I put those jigs and spinnerbait through lots of pain. They got smashed into rocks, logs, stumps, and came out smelling like a rose. I am very happy with them. I can't wait until I can really put them to the test. I hear my secret pond calling my name.
Nice looking scenery. Lures look good as well.
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