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Welcome JazzHarmonicat

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Welcome to The Bassholes JazzHarmonicat! :cheers:

Make yourself at home and enjoy your stay! I look forward to talking bassin with you on the boards :D

Dont forget to keep an eye open for our spontaneous contests and tackle give aways :D
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Welcome aboard
Welcome to the bassholes, glad to have you!
Hey Henry, glad to have ya. He is a friend of mine from Texas.
Welcome aboard!!

:victory: :cheers:​
A big welcome to you Henry... Thank you for joining the bassholes!
Any friend of Keiths is a friend of mine!
Glad to meet you Henry!
Any friend of Keiths is good people in my book :D
glad you could join us.
tuns of usefull info here hope u injoy it and post some reports of ur own.
Welcome, hey got any secrets,,,huh, huh, got any?? where'd you catch you big fish?

Have fun it's a gr8 site
Thanks, all. I was out at the famous Lake Fork yesterday and caught on of those famous Lake Fork monsters -- about 12 inches, I think. More like what Keith calls a "Florida special". On the other hand, my boss, a woman and her husband (he's a master Fork fisher) came in second in some tournament out there this weekend. One of these days I'll figure out how they do it. I actuallly know one of their dropshottin' honey holes, but in a tournament I doubt that I could get there before they do, since they live on the lake. But, hey, it's great being able to get out on the water, what? One of these days i hope to get back to Fla and fish on Keith's boat. He's the first person to take me out on Fork, and I've been hooked on it since.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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