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Weirdest catch

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Bassmaster Elite Series rookie Britt Myers has an interesting answer when asked to name the strangest item he ever caught with a rod and reel.

"I was fishing Lake Greenwood in South Carolina about six years ago and they were actually dragging the lake for a body," the North Carolina pro said. "I hooked a barbecue grill on a crankbait, and as it got closer to the boat I started thinking it might be that body. I was terrified as I was pulling it up. It had this spongy feeling to it and it was real heavy."

So what is everyone else's wierdest catch?
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I hooked into a 100lb dead decomposing stink like all git out spoonbill in a night tournament it was so bad that it would literly gag you thier skin is like leather I like of never got back my super spook. Every time i'd get close to the thing i'd start gagging and have to let go and run to the back of the boat to get some fresh air. My brother-in law took it of for me and I am forever in debted to him.
I'd like to have seen your underwear. wait a minute not really.
1 - 2 of 36 Posts
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