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Weekend Baseball

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We went down to St. Pete Saturday ( about lunch time ) to watch the Devil Rays and the RedSox which played at 7:15 . . We had tickets for the Sunday game at 1:15 also. So, we did get a hotel room to save us the 90+ miles each way drive.

Yup, the Rays beat the Sox both games we seen. ( the Sox had won Friday night, but lost Saturday and Sunday ) So, the wife was a little mad over that fact lol
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If the Sox don't get their act together, the Yankees are going to win the East, the Tigers will win the Central, and the White Sox will be the wild card again, and they will be left outta the playoffs this year. Those crazy Tigers, going from worst to first, threw a monkey wrench into the whole thing.

With the additions of Lidel and Abreu, the Yankees shored up their rotation, and added a very good bat to the lineup.
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