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I went today, to Rocky Mtn PFA (public fishing area). I haven't been in about 2 years, and now I remember why. That place gets an insane amount of pressure. I tried to fish the pattern I had in mind for a little while, because today was supposed to be cloudy and it wasn't. That didn't work. So I tried extremely shallow water for a while, the water was bumping 60 so I figured the back ends of coves would produce. They didn't. Then I moved to secondary points in the coves, and found the fish holding in 6-7' of water on "snot grass". I got 1 bite on a crankbait and 3 on a mojo rig before my batteries started to die. None of the fish mande it to the boat. I don't know why. I do know that I need new batteries, and that if I was to go back there tomorrow with good batteries I would have a good day. But outside of locating the fish, today sukt. Maybe I'll go back there, as most of the fishermen were bank beaters, and I know they won't be on the fish most of the year.
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I just had the same problem, mine just needed water, they didnt hold a charge at all. Dave
Well, I'm sorry about your day but I don't think the batteries had anything to do with the fish not making it to the boat :rofl1:
I hope you have a good trip next time.
P.S. sorry about that
Hey at least your kickin it in fantasy. What don't kill you will make you stronger!
I made sure they had water before I left. I've been there. Mary, your right. I never even knew the fish was on the crankbait, but it had tooth marks on it. As to the fsih on the mojo rig, that was because I was using shortMega strike. I woulda had em if I woulda used Carolina Lunker Sauce. Drew, I haven't been to Bass master website yet. Where do I rank?
Batteries that have been charged with 10 Amp or lower auto shut off chargers can develop calcification on the plates that prevent a full charge. To remove the false charge memory you need to charge with higher amps. Take the batteries to a service station that has a commercial 50 to 200 amp charger and hard charge the batteries. Then test the battery for bad cells. Most of the time this will rejuvenate batteries that have set for awhile.
To keep the water full on wet cell marine batteries, try Flow-Rite Qwik-Fill system. I have used this product for several years and works great.
Ps; shorten you C-rig to 18 to 24", better yet use the slip shot rig for better feel and control.
I just bought a better charger last week. I thought the old charger was breaking down. I'll have to try the hard charge thing. The rig I was using was the one youve been talking about, Tom. With the sinker and bead, bead pegged, and an 18 in. leader.
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