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My Dad just told me that a woman was riding a jet ski and a big Sturgeon jumped out of the water and she hit it and it cut off 3 of her fingers and she was almost killed. She had to be helicoptered to a hospital to have her fingers sewn back on.

Apparently Sturgeon move into the Suwannee river via the Gulf and jump allot. Last year he told me that 8 people where seriously hurt by it.

So any Florida boys out there who want to fish this river be aware of jumping Sturgeons. Some of these fish are more then 100 lbs so getting hit by one running on plane in a boat could be fatal.

Be careful.

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What's next? A bass boat with retractable roll bars? Hey, can be done. Stored in the hull, curl up from the gunwale, lock in place above you when you crank up. Sturgeon proof. Then what comes after that? Leapin killer whales? 2 million dollar bionic bass boat with titanium plates and external band saws that can slice through whales and travel underwater like a submarine. "Hey, let's go down and look for some bass." Kickin fine. :dance01: :dance01: :dance01:
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