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Just joined the site today, after finding out about it from Jim Payne, and wanted to say hello to Jared, and the whole gang. I am a Sales Rep. for Retrotec Inc. manufacture of the Stay' N Charge/All Charge charging system. If you have any questions about them, or would like to purchase one of the systems please give me a shout. I will be willing to help you anyway I can.
I am also a Sales Rep. for Persuader Lures, so I can help you there also.

I also love to fish, and mainly fish the East Texas Lakes, and do some out of state fishing a few times a year. If you are able to catch the PAA/Toyota Texas Bass Classic on CBS on Mothers Day, or OLN after that, look for me, as I will be a judge in one of the competitors boat.

Hope to get to know all of you and see you out on the water.

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Welcome to the site Rocky! Is great to have you here! I hope you make The Bassholes your home and join us in all of our bassin tales and tactics :D


Welcome to the site.

That would be cool to be a judge or observer in one of those pro's boats at Fork. Would love to hear some stories afterwards.
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