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well fellow buckeyes the ice is gone,the walleye are ON at the maumee river and probably several other places.i was lucky enough to be invited along with the COP349,and a friend of his.we had a great time lots of laughs,really good down to earth folks.had a great time after we figured out the soft bite ,leader lengths,colors,and the weights best for each person. We left just before the sun went down with a limit of nice walleye for each of us.The fishing is alot different than the jig head and twister of years ago,the new setup for the river is a basic carolina rig with a weight of anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 oz.put a floating jig head from 6" to 2 ft. back. casting a little up stream and keeping contact with your rig as it drifts back down stream. The people at maumee tackle are really nice and helpfull.

they have a great web site with lots of info including the river report.

great site


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