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wake bait

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Just got the Excalibur Xw6 wake bait and this thing looks awesome. It looks like a short extremly obese shad. Cant wait to try it out i'll let you guys know how it works. Dave
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Thats an interesting bait! A crankbait that doesnt dive but retains the beautiful wobble.

I am interested in hearing your views on this bait after youve fished it. :)

Those are nice. I might buy one myself just to see first hand on how it works. Thanks for sharing Dave.
I bought some of these, but from river2sea. I used them in a tournament a few weeks ago and really liked the action. I did not catch anything on them but I will use them again.
Wow that bass finish on the Radscale is AMAZING!!! If I were a bass I'd be caught LOL
I have fished a similar bait, but smaller in size, It has a wide swing just under the surface and really duplicates the
dog walking characteristics of a spook or similar baits but a little more subtle. Great over submerged grass and skipped under docks. I got the crank from a customer crankbait manufacturer in CA. I found him on eBay and buy a lot of my cranks from him. I believe Thundershad makes a similar bait as well. Toss em! you will like em.

Awesome video, but I could not understand a thing that guy was talking about.
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