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Vacation ends tomorrow

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My vacation ends tomorrow night at 8:30 ... My wife returns from her nearly 2 weeks vacation up to see her family in Mass.

Well, ok my vacation ended today realy. I had to sweep, vaccume and mop the floors. Tomorrow I got to do some laundry and go get a few items at the grocery store. ( got to remember to clean the tub too lol )
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I am sure that you will be glad to see her, though. ;)
Sure will :)
Well, as luck would have it, my wife's flight got delayed lol.. She suppose to get in about 9:30pm now ... So, I have a 45 minute drive to get her , and I see the time to leave is about there.
Rod, just be safe going to get her and on the return journey. ;) The plane will land at 9:30, and you might get to see her around 11. LOL Don't know how bad the security down there is, but in Birmingham it's awful. I took a cousin of mine to the airport, and he and I talked until 5 mins before he could go through security, and I stood there to see him off, since they wouldn't allow me to walk him to the ramp, and I waited there almost an hour. LOL :)
I hope yall both had a good vacation. ;) I bet she can't wait to see you. Yall be careful on the road.
I timed it just right to get her from the baggage area. Here at O.I.A. you can drive to baggage and pick them up there. BUT they have to be outside waiting for you because your not allowed to just park there anymore ( since 9-11 ).
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