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Useing the VibraShock SwimBlade ??

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Karl, not to put you on the spot or anything, BUT would you be willing to make a post ( ie , in the tips section ) on HOW to use your product effectively ?

I am sure you have fished these things a pile and probably know when and where they are the most effective.
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yeah Id love to hear the "how to" from the creator himself and his pro staff SwimBladeKing, if yall don't mind :D
OK, heres the deal. I don't want to come off as having the "Do It All" lure, but these are highly versatile. You could actually use just one rod and one lure for just about any technique you have need for in a day. Obviously topwater is out of the question but just about any other method can be accomplished with the VibraShock.
You can use it like a spinnerbait,a crankbait or a jig. Slow roll it, burn it or however you like to retrieve it, its up to you and the fish to decide. Spring is an awesome time to use the VibraShock as well as any other time of the year. I'm not trying to say that this is the only lure you'll ever need, but it is something you'll want to have ready at all times. I personally love to fish topwater, but if I get a blow up and no hook-up, I'll toss one of these back in there and 9 out of ten I'll get that fish.
I'm going to let Jeremy fill you in on the rest, he gets to fish more often than myself with them and I know he has some tricks up his sleeve ;)
Hope this helps :D
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Thanks for responding, Karl :)

Look forward in hearing from Jeremy
I think it depends on everything just like any bait. The weather, structure, water temp, etc...
I personally like a slow retrieve.
Karl pretty much covered allof the basics here. The best way IMHO to fish it is, in the summer, fast and erratic looking for that reaction strike. In the colder water, slow roll, or maybe even rip it violently off of the bottom, then let it "flutter" back down. There is really no wrong way to fish this thing. To each his own. i can promise ya though, I will always have at least 3 tied on. Different colors and sizes. get ya one today and just toy with it. You won't regret it.
and dont use too light cheep a line dont know how many i lost so far!!!
Excellent point ho_shi!!!! I like to use braid for the VibraShock because this lure displaces a lot of water with its pendulum action and the stretch in mono takes away from the action.
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