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Used Reels

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Would you or have you ever bought a used reel on eBay? or buy a used reel in general?

David :notworthy:
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Of course. All of mine are used...
I never have But I wouldnt be against it. ( providing it was in good working order )
I have purchased a couple of used reels on e-bay along with a few other fishing items. So far so good, with no problems. But then again, I also bought my boat without ever taking it to the lake!! I got extremely lucky there and don't EVER suggest anyone do that!!!!! :banghead: :banghead:
I never had either but am about to in about another week. Just too good of a deal to pass up.

I like the warrranties that are offered with the new reels....well that and you can generally take them back to where you got them from for a full refund.

Be careful on ebay. Make sure the person have a HIGH, POSITIVE, FEEDBACK!! Good luck.
Yah the deals are real tempting! Only thing is most of the reels on there do not have manuals with them.

I was actually looking on eBay at the Quantum TG400cx and DS300cx 6.2:1 vs 5.1:1

Can you copy that link from ebay and post it here? I would like to see them myself.

If you feel like its a good deal then get them. Trial by error. I personally have never bought a reel off of ebay but that isn't to say I wouldn't. If the deel is good enough then I would.
I'm not so sure about the Bill Dance one but that tournament edition looks great.
I have never bought a used reel, but I have bought a reel on ebay. It is the Japanese version of the chronarch mg, and I got it new in the box for $175. :dance01: One sweet reel, matched with a G Loomis IMX mbr 782. By far the best combo I own. I would recommend sticking with a reputable dealer on ebay, esp. since you are getting it sight unseen.
Be careful on ebay. Make sure the person have a HIGH, POSITIVE, FEEDBACK!! Good luck.

I have purchased several reels from ebay my latest was a team diawa x for 95 bucks shipped to my front door.all of them have been greatt read the decription very closely and if something sounds wrong don't bid. also purchased a team diawa s series it is a great reel and they are goin for under 100$ the lasl one i watched went for 65 bucks and i wold trade both of my pflueger presidents for two of those any day and i like the pfluegers too.
just be very carefull who u buy from.
Like I said before.... All of mine are used... just not that often :rofl2: Hugs... Sorry just had to...
All good advice and keep your eye on the shipping charges. Most are reasonable but some try to increase their profit margin through high shipping charges.
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