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I don't text message and these abbreviations often stump me.
Today I found a site that is a glossary. It is helpful for me and of course have it bookmarked for my benefit.

Perhaps we could link to it? Or not.

whatever you think is best.

I am enjoying this site. And I may be joining a 12 step program because of its addictive nature. :grin:

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there is away to quit, but you will have to take on great odds before you can even fathem such a thought & then you must post 10 times as much, but if you want to make it a faster end to this addiction you must post 20 times as much!!!!

then when you die there will be plenty of time to just be quit and let your fingures rest in peace.... :rofl1:

:thumbup01: i need to check out some of those abrvtns...i mght B Send`n da wrong msg's?!? :cool1: :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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