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Re: Fishing, Boating, OUTLAWED in the US?!?!

It's very true and binding at least along the Mississippi River shallows between private land banks and the navigation buoys. The Federal Judge has made it illegal to fish outside the navigable parts where barges travel, without the adjacent landowner permitting. With no permit he can call the Sheriff and get you arrested and fined.
The decision will be binding until successfully appealed in a higher court, at great expense. By the time it goes to the US Supreme Court, multiple millions of angler dollars will be required. If the ruling is not successfully appealed, it's possible other tree hugger type Fed Judges could make all the rest of the nation's river shallows off limits.

I suspect a two pronged deal going on. Tree hugger environmentalists want all hunters and fishermen staying off the lakes and out opf the forests. Plenty of magistrates support the Sierra Club ideals, as  well as most other tree hugging organizations. Those supported Democrat Presidents who would appoint key people on the fed benches to legislate from their benches. It worked. MANY key laws now restrict outdoor sports already in many key places.

On the other front is greed of the adjacent landowners who are in position to charge the public for hunting/fishing rights, or form clubs with exclusive use rights, and leasing to clubs for the highest dollar. That would be somewhat acceptable to tree huggers, seen as a drastic reduction of hunters and fishermen.

It needs to be killed very soon before the decision settles in and draws other districts in with similar rulings. Once that happens it could require billions instead of millions to fight the trend. It could spread to lakes and non-navigable rivers with adjacent private lands once let out of control.

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