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Updating Navionics chips

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I recently had an event on Smith Lake, after recently updating one of my Platinum chips, and leaving the other unupdated. Well, I wish I updated both because the one on my console was much more defined on one particular long tapering point. Didn't do as well as I'd like in the event but I wouldn't have caught much if I hadn't updated my card since much of my fish were caught off that one point. Anybody else have an experience like this? I now know how valuable it is to update them.
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Yes, Navionics is focusing on using the new freshest data updates along with individuals participating in the sonar logging to constantly keep updating lakes all over the us. With people participating in sonar logging more details are being filled in on lakes all over causing everyone to be at a real disadvantage if they don't keep up to date with their chips. If you would see what the three rivers in Pittsburgh looks like now and how it did at the 2005 classic on Navionics chips there is no doubt that the weights would have been much higher!
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