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Under water camera

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Has anyone used or looked into the new underwater cameras out there. Just curious to how good these really may be. I'm a gadget nut but I'm a bit leery of these. Any opinions???
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Do you mean the Aqua Views? If so, I hear they work pretty well. Of course the more you spend on them the better they are gonna work BUT Ihave heard no matter how much ya spend on one, the image will only be as good as water clarity and light penetration allows. Still the low end model is 200 bucks and i think thats a fair price to play around with for sure :D
There is a thread on here with some info but I don't remember what the title was!
I used one at work, both an Aqua View and a high end machine with spotlight. The Aqua View was fine in clear water down to about 30 feet where it's pretty dark. The one with the spotlight was used in deeper or darker water. Drop a fish colored lure in the water, watch it fall. The Aqua View gives you about the same image without surface distortion from waves or ripples. The spotlight type is the way to go, but Those are probably a lot more expensive.

imonembad said:
There is a thread on here with some info but I don't remember what the title was!
Aqua View posted in march '07
Thanks all. I'll start putting some cash away and let you know how it works if I decide to get one. We'll do a little Bassholes review segment on the good and bad.
Hey BK I believe I started that post about the aqua vu. I have had mine about 3 weeks. I have the Aqua vu srt about $369 plus shipping in BPS. I have a place you can order them for $309 plus shipping. Mine has a 7 inch B&W screen. 100' cable and the camera has lights that can be turned on and off. Water clarity and light penetration is important. I am yet to have to use the lights during daylight hours. Turning them on when the sun is on makes no difference it picture quality. So water clarity is the key. I have a pond, behind the house, dingy and not clear, when the camera is on the bottom I can see bottom makeup and anything within 1-3 feet. I used it on lake Jocassee yesterday, very very clear water. Could see very well. PM me if you have any questions. It is time consuming and there are some tricks and difficulties using it, but it's a cool toy < i mean tool> to have. PM me and I I'll be happy to answer any questions.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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