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TVA Lakes Dropping..

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As usuall this time of year. TVA is dropping the lake levels starting at the upper end lakes first. This is an awsome time of year to catch stripers and other fish below the dams. The tailraces are running high with alot of current. Lots of folks are chasing the stripers and smallmouth bass this time of year.
Try using large skip jack or 3/4 or 1oz. spoons or hair jigs for the stripers. Lots of large smallies are being caught on jigs and grubs. Also lots of folks using minnows and drifting with the current to catch some magnum spots and smallies..
As always be sure to wear your PFD when out there. This time of year is really good fishing but it is also one of the worst times to fall out of the boat. Use some common sense and have a great day!
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