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True Rookie from Florida

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Hey ya'll! got your site from an email my boyfriend received. Been doing some browsing and love what I see!

I am truly a rookie when it comes to fishing. Been around fishing for years, but never really got into actually doing it myself until 4 years ago when my "baby" went off to college. Didn't have a clue what to do with myself. Some friends of mine got me over to Lake Seminole and I never left. We now have a camper we keep there year round. They started me out bream fishing, and we got on a bed one day, man, was that some kind of fun. I am still learning to take the fish off the hook, so that has given us some good laughs. I have caught a baby bass and can't wait to catch one of any size. A friend of ours from Georgia came down last October and we went out fishing, had 2 good size bass get away! But I was hooked!! Have 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren who are the joys of my life. Really look forward to reading and learning and gettin to know ya'll! :)
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It's a pleasure to have you here Matilda. :) If ya need anything just give a shout and we will do what we can :D

Welcome and glad to have you as a member.
Welcome to the bassholes Matilda, glad to have you.
Glad you joined and welcome.
It is very nice to welcome another lady bass angler to the board! Thanks for joining!
Welcome to the party! :cheers: Dave
Welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy! There is a ton of info. here and I have found that the folks who post are great!! 8) :cheers:
Welcome aboard
How is Lake Seminole these days Matilda?
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