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Trout are Running!

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Here in Western New York, the Lake has now half unfrozen. The creeks have flushed after defrost then rain, and now is the time where the trout are running haywire. The first runs have been detected, where they have reached the upper sections of creeks already! These fish move fast. Yesterday I got a good sized one about 4 pm, in a deeper hole. What you are gonna want to do is do that later in the day, and if its sunny early, fish areas they would run in. REMEMBER, check your catch dates to see if you can keep them, but I throw mine back most always anyways.

Buggers right now are the main technique in western NY, and will definatly progress to egg imitations. THe Steelhead here are fresh, and will be setting up beds very soon.

Good Luck and post your steelie reports!
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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