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trolling mtor upgrade?

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I am going from a 12v to a 24v motor.I will be sticking with minnkota.They have the max pro,max and the new one terrava (something like that) I got a 17' fiberglass boat and I was thinking about the 80# w? a 42"shaft.Can anyone give me a preference between these three.
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I weigh 300lbs with a 171/2 foot sled! I bought the 24 volt all terrian 70# thrust last year. The best fishing investment I ever made. I have plenty of power and it doesn't act like my batteries are taxed to bad. I have never ran out of power and I fished about 8 12 hour tourneys last year.
80lb thrust for a 17lft boat wow you will have power and lots of it. I have a 20' skeeter and only have a 74lb thrust and it is fine. However, the shaft on mine is 52". So one of the factors you have to consider is how rough of water are you going to be fishing? If you fish allot of windy conditions then having a long shaft like a 52" will be better for you. It allows you to keep the prop in the water as you roll up and over big waves. However, if most of your fishing is in calmer conditions or smaller bodies of water then a 42" shaft is perfect.
You use your trolling motor more than your big engine when bass fishing, so buy the best you can afford. You need the 42" shaft to keep the prop in the water in waves and 80+ thrust is there when you need it. I moved recently and no longer have my 26' depth garage, so scaled down to a 17 1/2 boat with swing trailer o fit into 19' garage.I don't fish big lakes or tournaments anymore the 17 1/2 OK, just need to get used to 50 mph. My trolling motor is a MotorGuide Tour series digital, 24V, 45" shaft, built in transducer. This combination works great on my boat and wouldn't have anything less. I may up grade to a wireless with the GPS anchor feature next year if they are reliable and get a chance to fish with it.
replys really helped.I have my trouble with the current and wind,I f the water gets that rough I fish elsewhere.thanks guys.
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