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Trim switch

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I had to replace the trim switch on my steering column when i had my jack plate installed so i figered i'd put it on here and maybe a fellow basshole could use it. Its fairly new and works good it allows you to trim the motor without taking your hand off the wheel. It sells for like 55 bucks on bass pro but i take 40 for it. If anyone wants it just let me know.


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These are great i have one on my boat and love the fact that you dont have to take your hands off the wheel
that is nice isnt it!? i love it,now i'v got the trim on the left and jack plate on the right. The only thing that i didnt like is they had to drill a hole for the jack plate gauge by the gear shifter, but its worth it! Dave
Any holes stink, I always make someone else drill any holes cause i cant stomach drilling holes in my boat...But that is awesome...I have been considering a jack will have to let me know how it works for ya
I tried it out today gained a few mph but the awesome thing is my depthfider was reading 1.4 and with the jack plate all the way up i was able to get on a plane, which opened up alot of places to fish that were previously out of the question. In the 30 minutes i ran it its definitely worth it. Dave
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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