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Well for awhile now I have been toying with braid on most of my setups. This weekend I decided to switch my deep diving crankbaits over to braid. I purchased some Kanzen 20# test braid and spooled up my Revo Winch. I must admit I was a little suprised how much the reel held. I put about 10 yards of mono on the reel first to give the braid something to bite into to keep it from slipping, then tied on to the 300 yard spool of Kanzen. Well I thought for a minute I was not going to have enough line to fill the spool, but it ended up just perfect when the spool of Kanzen ran out. So If I want to go long lining, im set with 300 yards on the Winch. The 20# Kanzen has the same dia as 6# mono.

Now on the the performance of the braid. Im using a Revo Winch, and Skeet Reese 7'11" Magnum Crankbait rod for this test. I tied on a Bomber Deep Fat free shad for the bait. First thing I learned is you need to readjust the reel spool tension when going from floro to braid, you have to tighten it up just a bit, if not on the first cast you will get one heck of a backlash as the bait starts it flight, and when the spool stops, the 20# braid will snap and send your bait flying way, way out there. So I go get it, unsnarl the backlash, retie the bait and tighten the tension just a bit. Next cast I was a little leary, so I kind of gave it a half harted lob cast to see what happend, lo and behold, the bait sailed a good distance with not adverse reaction from the spool and braid, so I reeled in and gave it a much better cast, and the bait sailed away smooth as silk, with really good distance. It took me awhile to really feel comfortable, raring back and really giving it all I had, but I eventually got the hang of it and only once or twice during the day did I overdo it and cause any problems, braid just doesnt seem to like the really hard cast, like floro or mono does, but you can really get much more distance with the small dia braid than you can with the oher type lines.

What I was not expecting was the amount of sensetivity I got using the braid, I thought something was wrong with the bait when I first reeled it in, you can feel every little wobble of the bait and when its digging the bottom its unreal how it feels. I would switch to my other rod, which is loaded with P line CXX 10# and it didnt feel anything close. It was almost like I couldnt feel anything till the bait hit the bottom, and then is was nowhere near the sensation I was getting with the briad. It really amazed me how sensative a crankbait is with braded line. Try it youll see for yourself.

I was worried about the small dia braid digging into the line on the spool and causing problems, but I never did have this happen, even when I got hung up and pulled really hard on the bait, the line didnt dig in like I was expecting it to.

I was suprised that I actually broke off a bait when it was hung up, im thinking I was to confident with the 20# braid that I could just straighten the hooks or dredge up whatever was holding the bait, but that was not the case. Mostly because I have replaced all my hooks with the KVD triple grips and they do not straighten out, I didnt think about that before I tried to pull the bait loose. I got hung up, and I went past the hung bait and pulled really hard to free it, but I guess I pulled too hard and broke the line, but luckily the bait floated to the top so I didnt lose the bait, I did check and the knot was still tied to the split ring and the line had broken about an inch from the knot, I broke off other time, but this time I actually jerked the rod really hard, like an idiot, and snapped the line in about the same place, but once again the bait floated to the top and I didnt lose it. Im guessing the force from the braid snapping freed the bait, but anyway you can still break off on braid so dont think your baits are invulnerable just because your using braid. I did finally manage to lose one by breaking it off, but I was pulling really hard on that one, trying to see if the line would cut into the spool and well, I pulled too hard. Chaulk that one up to my testing methods.

So, im sold on the braid now, you get greater distance with your crankbaits with the small dia line, and you dont have to throw as hard, and you get great sensativity. Only problem with my test is I didnt catch any fish to test the fish landing ability of the braid, but im expecting it to be very good, as long as you have a rod with plenty of flex to keep from tearing the hooks out since you dont have any give in the line.
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